Filipino Christian Families of Today

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His Holiness, Pope John Paul II has mentioned in Familiaris Consortium that, “the family, the primary cell of society, increasingly menaced by forces of disintegration on both the ideological and practical planes”pope-john-paul-ii

From our own experience, we know that this crisis is true in the Philippines.

Since the family is the primary cell of the Philippine society, it symbolizes the kind and characteristics of the society in which we are living in.

Due to the excessive poverty among the poor and consumerism among the rich, parents are concern about the material well- being at the expense of the Christian formation of their offspring.

This neglect of Christian parenting is especially serious during the crisis of adolescence.

This distortion in the priority of values create dysfunctional families.

One of the early signs of  dysfunction in a family is the severity of the power struggles parents and children experience.  If these struggles are not being resolved satisfactorily, ill effects will penetrate the behavior of children.  Children are like strings; they tend to resists when they feel pushed or forced into doing something they do not wish to.

The more you push, the more powerless the child feels, therefore, the more rebellious they become.  Rebelliousness often results when children allow their emotions to control their behavior.  This is because they want to get back at the persons whom they feel are controlling them, they want revenge.

Children copy the way they see parents deal with their emotions.  If parents expect them to be more controlled in their expressions of anger, they must first see it modeled by them.  Effective parenting is usually done by action, less by words.

Our country at present has a vast number of dysfunctional families.  However, we must never lose hope.  In this perplexed world, God wants us to depend upon Him and not on human resources alone.  He desires that we have a new heart.  Let us always remember that parenting is non-formal education without graduation.  But with God’s help and our Christian conversion, our Filipino dysfunctional families can be healed.


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