Teachers’ Day: A Token of Appreciation

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Every teacher would wish for a student to say a heart pounding phrase “My Teacher, My Hero”.

World Teachers’ Day is celebrated every year on October 5th since 1994. It aims to activate support for the teachers. The secretary of the Department of Education, Bro. Armin Luistro, FSC issued a memorandum to its effect.

I am presently connected with Dona Carmen Denia National High School, Toril, Davao City. Mrs. Lolita M. Arciaga, principal III requested the Teachers-Employees organization under the leadership of Mr. Artemio C. Maboloc to spearhead the momentous event.

The organization launched varied activity open for teachers’ involvement and participation. It aims to redirect the focus of teachers from academe to sports, mind games, talent showdown, and others on a certain time frame . There was also a performance based Search for Most Outstanding Teacher. The organization sponsored cash prizes for the winners.

The school population participated the parade early in the morning facilitated by Hector Peter Paul S. Gana-an. It was followed with the reading of“letter to my teacher”. Games were played on a specific location inside the campus. Students’ cheering were loud and clear pushing for better performances of their teachers. Those cheers were very pleasing to teachers’ ears and joyful to the heart. I was in awe. The experience was indeed amazing.

Tribute program followed in the afternoon. Students offered flowers, cards, letters, poems, essays, and varied stuff of appreciation to the teachers. Outstanding teachers were awarded and the Most Outstanding Teacher for S.Y. 2010-2011 was Mary Jane Bordon- Ditching. “A salute to ma’am Jane”.

The event was described as momentous because teachers were expected to savor the moment. They were free from academic responsibilities. They would not be exposed to annoying attitude of students. Above all, the moment was an opportunity for the students to express their appreciation to the teachers.

Teachers must be afforded with utmost happiness on teachers’ day. Utmost happiness of a teacher would sink in when students appreciate their perseverance in preparing lessons. Students would appreciate the resourcefulness of teachers in utilization of teaching materials such as visual and audio aids. They would appreciate the prudence of the teachers in selecting strategies to be used in teaching and learning process. They would appreciate in-depth the patience of teachers in dealing students with behavioral problems. They would appreciate the fairness of the teachers in evaluating their performances. They would appreciate the practice of justice in giving ratings.

How rewarding if students would be appreciative of teachers’ effort everyday. Teachers would surely have a happy and cheerful disposition inside the classroom.