Pennies on the Stage

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We hear people say “Honesty is the best legacy.” Do teenagers at present still uphold this value?

Last July 30, 2010 I arrived at 6:42 a.m. in school. As I was climbing the stairs up to the stage, a sophomore student greeted me with utmost courtesy. It was Mark M. Calibay, 14 years old. He was assigned as a sound system aide. He was busy setting up the system for the flag ceremony at 7:00 a.m.

He told me that while he was fixing the extension wire, he found three five peso coins on the stage. He showed me the pennies. He said that possible owner would be one of the boy scouts because they stayed on stage late in the afternoon of the previous day. I asked him if he was sure. But he wasn’t. He requested me to help him find the owner.

I was amaze of his act. He would have kept the pennies for his fare or snacks. The amount was minimal and the owner may not be bothered of the loss. I sigh “this guy is honest”. I told him to temporarily keep the pennies and search for the real owner. He must make sure that he will give it back to the one who lost it.

We need to tell the truth. We have to be honest. It is an indicator that a person is trustworthy. This is one of God’s requirements in obeying the commandments. Whoever is honest in small matters will be honest in large ones [Luke 16:10].

Honesty as defined in the dictionary means fairness and straightforwardness of conduct. Thus, telling the truth of what has happened is honesty.

In this fast-paced world honest persons are hard to find. The value of honesty is usually distorted by poverty. I am blessed to have met Mark. In him I relearn that honesty still exists despite materialistic trend of people.

Let us be like Mark. Honest in his own little way.