Student Today, Driver Tonight

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I believe in the old saying which goes “Poverty is not a hindrance to success”.

It was an inspiration which pushed me to perform best in studies. After many years of perseverance I became a public school teacher.

In my 21st year of service I met a senior student assigned as computer laboratory aide. His name is Abbe Atega. He is very hard-working. He is diligent and responsible. He is witty. He is determined to be a professional in the coming days.

Last August 17, 2010 his task in the laboratory was done much ahead of time. He spent some minutes chatting with me.

He shared that he was once a drop-out from school due to financial difficulty. He was sent to a farm where he worked for his living. Later he realized that he will be farming for the rest of his life if he will not continue his schooling. He went back to school.

The family’s financial difficulty was mitigated by the illnesses of his parents. His mother cannot work for a living. His father’s income would only sustain his medical maintenance, food, shelter for the family, and for the schooling of her older sister in college. He was aware that if he would not sort out whatever resources available, he would end up a bystander.

His class ends at 3:45 p.m. He used to go home right after his class to do some personal chores. At 5:00 p.m., he is off to the road for a living. He would drive a motorcycle with side car. Time and weather were not essential to him. His focus was on the delivery of the passengers. He would stop at 11:00 p.m. to rest. His usual net income would be Php 100.00. He would remit Php 80.00 to his mother and Php 20.00 for his allowance in school. At 6:45 of the following day, he would be at school for studies.

I find this guy very amazing. I would feel the sacrifices he made in order to continue his studies. I salute him for that. I see in him the value of perseverance. This value is rare in teenagers. Teenagers today would prefer quitting school and earn a living. Persevering attitude is very hard to acquire. Sacrifices must become a habit to acquire this value.

Perseverance is the quality of continuing with something even though it is difficult. The first step toward attaining success is understanding how to persevere.

Napoleon Bonaparte once said, “Victory belongs to him who has the most perseverance.”

With due consideration of those tiresome routine he still garnered rank #1 in his class on the first quarter of the school year.

A teenager like him will preferably make a difference. In him I am convinced that attitude and character are two vital values that would bring out person’s success.