Radiant in Adversities

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Surmounting adversities in life requires a strong optimism. Undergoing twice-a-week hemodialysis via permanent shunt ‘vis-à-vis’ with a teaching career plus the role of a family head is indeed a burden.

Mrs. Gemma T. Casar, Teacher I, Doña Carmen Denia National High School, Toril, Davao City struggles her way amidst adverse life condition. She teaches Mathematics. She had been a dialysis patient beginning May 2009 due to ESRD [End Stage of Renal Disease]. Her attending physician is Dr. Franklin Guillano, Nephrology.

She definitely needs to continue her teaching career. Her compensation supports her family and her medical expenses. She is a woman full of optimism. She does not appear sickly. She carries herself well.

As a teacher, she radiates strong positivity towards students and co-educators. She is still concern of her efficiency in teaching-learning process.

The Department of Education is implementing the ICT integration in the teaching-learning process. Thus, ICT trainers in the school conducted series of trainings. She cooperates well during the trainings. Trainers noticed her intense interest during the phase I [Basic] training. During the phase II [Power point presentation], she was awarded as one of the Most Improved Participant. After the phase III [Wiki] training, the trainers found that her output stands out. Participants were required to make two wiki pages. She was able to make four pages which cover the whole chapter of the fourth grading lessons. Amazing!

One of the trainers asked why she was very interested, patient and persevered in that particular endeavor. She replied “Wiki is indeed of great help to digital learner students. That’s a legacy when I’m gone”.

Above is a person optimistic amidst adverse situations, with a humble acceptance that all things will come to its end.