Habit Delight

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Have you ever met an employee who would consistently report for official duty one and half hours before official time?

Here is one of my co-teachers in a public school. She got the job in the year 1980. She used to report to school as early as 5:30 in the morning. She is very consistent in her habit of reporting for duty much ahead of official time.

Upon her arrival, she would open the administration office where employees’ logbooks were kept. She would supervised the cleaning of the filipino department cubicle in the faculty room. She would entertain herself with the television set. She would wait for other teachers to come. She is the most punctual in school. She is Violeta Manuela Monteverde Ferriols.

Violeta Manuela M. FerriolsPunctuality is the hinge of an institution. It is a virtue which we all revere, in theory at least, even if we do not carry it into practice. The punctual person always works at an immense advantage. She has regard for the convenience of others as well as herself. The habit of punctuality has reference to money, time and labor engagements, and the person who is habitually on time in these matters is fairly on the way to success. She keeps her promises, meets her obligations, stands ready always to do at the proper time what is required of her. http://www.oldandsold.com/articles29/life-82.shtml

I see in her the values of time consciousness and punctuality. If these values were inherent in all public school teachers, quality education will surely be within our reach.